A Guide To An ECommerce Website Design

When you happen to be promoting your products through a poor website, you’re going to possess a battle on your hands. Your ecommerce shop must show professionalism, integrity and stability, otherwise men and women will not believe in you adequate to buy of your stuff. How should we accomplish that? A SEO expert who helped the businessmen with web design and SEO London provided the following information.

The actual header, sidebar and footer from the body of the website plus they are mainly used for personalisation, usability and navigation purposes. This whole location can be an essential part of e-commerce style, since it appears no matter which web page the customer is on. When on-line shoppers desire to get around far from a certain web page, they’ll probably count on these places to assist them to make a decision which place to go.

Keep away from hectic background patterns or overbearing color schemes. Exactly what may look good over a sketching room walls could show to be irritating to an on the web client. History colors for the text or written region should be restricted to light or white shades, with black or dark colour faced front (i.e. verdana or aerial) in order that guests can see very easily.

An ecommerce internet site is designed not only with regard to aesthetics and pleasing style however by keeping actual objectives in mind. A few of these goals range from increasing purchase, winning repeat orders, as well as developing a powerful subscriber base. Thus, a strong web site design should go a considerable ways within ensuring sales and eventually defeating the competition.

When the folks begin to use the merchandise, then they are involved in it. When the consumer already been motivated to subscribe or buy which item, they would definitely respond in the positive manner as description of how the are becoming associated with the item and also have invested ample of time along with your product. So let the folks try the item, thus they might not visualizing the results as they might just begin to use the item. Offer them a demo or test to win your clients.

You may have integrated some type of navigation attributes inside your web site but when this can’t be located and accessed simply, your own customers will right away feel misplaced. As stated before, the navigation bar towards the top of the actual page or even a menus at the side of the web page really should assist your visitors learn exactly where precisely they are. Label every single web page so your buyers won’t wander off and make sure there’s a Website alternative where they are able to get back to leading portion of the internet site.

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Quick Online Project Management Tools For Small Businesses

Business Ideas

So that you can increase your business, you will need online project management tools for project management. Basecamp is actually just about the most powerful tools around. I’ve had a terrible time myself training the easiest method to use Basecamp within an efficient manner. I used it once a day to use it task management software and couldn’t get my head around which makes it work efficiently and effectively. But Basecamp is fantastic for company communication.

Teamwork PM, activeCollab are two other effective management tools online. However, it’s not about the product in your business and it’s not about the product you’re trying to do, it’s about the marketing; it’s not about the tool, it’s about the way you use it. So you’ve got to work out how you want to use it first and then find the tool that fits your process and your system. These tools have help videos and some fantastic demo videos, but it’s all about getting your project management tools and systems right.

You can also use these tools for effective customer management. This is a big concern for a number of businesses. For SEO services customer support, Kayako is the tool I use. It is a web-based portal for customer service and ticket support.

Should you have had a question and you wanted to speak to David, you’d visit David Jenyns support and online. If you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers for you. Do everything for your users. They would go there and submit a ticket. They could submit to a certain department and then what goes on around the tailgate end of this, the clients would submit a ticket about the front-end as well as on the rear end, this is when the customers and members sign in plus they answer customer support then all of it gets logged in within here.

Instead of having support at Dave Jenyns email address contact information that goes to a specific email box, this can be a system to handle it so that you possess a team and a system surrounding this.

You can also use this communication tool to assign tickets to members of your support team, therefore if there is a red star next to it, that means David must check it out. So here’s where communication happens using online project management tools. Someone claims ‘Thanks for your quick reply you will find, I was afraid of that. I could just quit Metastock and switch the signal from AmiBroker.’ Anyway that is now been assigned to David, doing effective communication.

Everyone of my assistants are certain to get their own log in. They could start and answer customer support tickets after which I only get assigned the high level questions. It’s much better for customer care.

That’s a great little tool to think of using to get an SEO company system in place. Sometimes the system is already built. There are tools already out there that you can use to manage a system.A lot of people use quite a bit of Market Samurai.

One of the reasons they use it is, as you’re submitting a support ticket, it goes through the knowledge base that sits behind Kayako and searches for answers to people’s questions. So people are typing in a question and then suddenly the answers are popping up below, which means you don’t need to respond to a lot of the common support requests using online project management tools today.

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Enhance Internet Business With A Professional Business Websites

Finding a good company that can do efficient web design Glasgow should not be difficult as there are various companies in the city that can do the job. Usually, these companies have a pool of web experts that can provide assistance to website owners when issues arise. It is a must that a company establishes its online presence by way of a business website. 

A suitable one is an effective representation of the company, as well as the products and services that it offers to customers. Website designing is critical for any virtual business; thus hiring a good website company is essential. An efficient, fully-running business website is what every business owner needs to boost its profit. 

As it is, business websites are a crucial aspect of any business, whether a small or a big one. If a business company intends to portray a positive image online, it is a must that the website presentation provides complete, comprehensive information on how the business operates. There are tons of companies that make competent website design in Glasgow

Most of these are professionally  expert in building and administrating business websites for different clients. Many of these website companies even offer their services 24/7. Website designers normally discuss the whole design of the business website, including the pros and cons of the designs, the content and overall presentability. The website owner basically describes what he wants for a website and then the designers translate it to a design.

Web design Glasgow companies offer only the best design processes to its business clients. This means they take care all aspects of web building, including hosting, web space, domain name registration, email add set-up, etc. Website content is usually an option.  Clients may opt to write their own content and provide them to the design companies for publishing. Companies doing website design in Glasgow can only run a website online once the client says it’s a go. By then, all nitty-gritty aspect of the design as well as the functions are already dealt with. 

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5 Key Ways To Enhance Your Efficiency By Improving Your Workplace

Your office is your output center. When efficiency begins to decline, consider taking a look at your home based office for the cause. A couple little changes can make all of the difference.

1 Distractions

Is there a TV in your home-based office? If so , consider moving it. Its a likely distraction. In addition, while having a few monitors and computers may seem like a productiveness enhancer, it can also be distracting – especially if one computer monitor has email or a networking website up on it. Judge what you Really need in your home-based office and pare down if possible.

Of course folks could be a distraction too. If youre continually battered by visitors or the phone or SMS messages, consider turning these things off. Hang a Don’t disturb sign on your door.

2 How Snug Are You?

If you are uncomfortable in your home based office you are going to be fidgety and distracted. Many things contribute to your comfort level. For example, is your office chair supportive? Do you have a snug place to rest your feet? Is your desktop too tall or too short?

What about the temperature in your home office? Too hot or too cold and you’ll spend a little time feeling slow or shivery.

3 Lighting

Lighting can be a tough thing in a home office. Natural light is best however it can often result in a glare on your PC screen. Task lighting and overhead lighting can be difficult to get right. Think about employing top quality natural daylight lights. These bulbs are the nearest thing to natural light. They lead you to feel awake and improve your capability to function and be productive in your home-based office.

4 Eliminate Clutter

Muddle is distracting. Its also stressful and a waste of time. If you have got to spend more than a couple of seconds looking for something in your small office, its too much. Create systems that keep your office organized and your workspace mess free. Follow thru on those systems by making habits. For example, when you get the post everyday do not just dump it on top of the pile. Sort it and file it immediately.

5 Coloration and Design

Your home office doesnt need to look like it came out of a magazine to be useful. But it does have to make you feel positive and productive. Consider the shades on your walls, the layout of your furniture and how you are feeling in your home-based office. If you fear going in there then its definitely not doing the job.

Look for colors that support your character and productiveness. Arrange the furniture so you are cozy. You need your work office to be a place you look forward to going into each day.

Spend a while investigating what is and is not working in your home office. Make changes and guage the result. Are your organizational skills better? Chances are the answer will be a powerful YES!

Whether you are marketing a business, service, or yourself, learning new marketing and communication techniques and using effective Time Management Skills can help give you that ‘edge ‘ to get ahead of your competitors.

If you want to boost your business and expand to the web and you want some simple, straight forward, training, then sign up for the Free Newsletter Online Marketing Strategies today!

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5 Ways Interim Managers Can Aid Your Company

In case you’re thinking about hiring an interim manager to help your organization, it’s most likely because you are undergoing a time of transition or change. This might be for a new business endeavor or due to the sublimation of a new organization, or it may well be a one-off job with which your business wants assistance. Whatever your circumstances, there are broad scale benefits attached to choosing an interim manager.

Looking into the positive aspects of interim managers

New outlook

One of the primary gains of getting an interim manager from outside your business is the effect a fresh approach can have upon your plan. If you’re preparing a task or a route change, interim managers are likely to be in a better position to see things from a fresh point of view, and can offer innovative ideas and approaches that you and your team might not have considered.

Identified knowledge

To have climbed to their ranking, an interim manager normally has a host of knowledge accumulated over years of doing the job within their marketplace. Through hiring an individual with this degree of ability, you can benefit directly from their past experience within various organisations, together with their enhanced sector-awareness. Outcomes UK will provide interim managers who possess appropriate knowledge to benefit your business.

Developing change

An interim manager’s mindset along with experience could supply you with sound recommendations on the long-term future of your company. However, in contrast to consultants, interim managers also include the ability to implement your concluded improvements, making certain that any strategies are ultimately put into practice, and in so doing enabling you to observe and look at the developments being completed.


Interim managers do not accumulate the same levels of cost in start-up, long-term pay and bonus benefits that full time personnel do. Instead, you can choose an interim manager part-time or full time and for which ever length of agreement you want. This approach results in absolutely no unknown outlay, no surprise payouts and no economic commitment.

Flexible length contract

An interim manager is usually bound by a fairly flexible contract. Which means that, even though it is typically agreed that work put in place by an interim manager is fast and effective, should any work deadlines be pushed back or any kind of setbacks occur, the duration of a agreement can be lengthened simply. A adaptable length of stay means that you and your interim manager can guarantee that the transformation you need is obtained.

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Time Management – Are You A Time User Or A Time Waster?

If you’re just like me, you’ve often desired there were 48 hours in a day instead of only 24. There never appears to be enough time to get everything completed that you want. Because we just have around 16 hours a day, not counting sleep time, it’s important how we use the time we have.

On the average, people waste about two hours each day. This is mainly from poor planning. If a person is unorganized, they waste time trying to look for things, they miss appointments, they only do one thing at a time when they could be doing two.

Good time management is a significant building block to success. Quite often, it’s not how much time we spend working but how effectively we do the work. The key to successful time management is thorough planning and establishing priorities. Plan your day, your week, and your month ahead of time. Know when things have to be done. A fantastic way to “buy time” is to multi-task. Do much more than one thing at one time. There are several things that don’t need concentrated mental effort. These are much more easily combined.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail,”


Even though I am a huge pro football fan, I cannot justify sitting down and spending 3 hours watching a game. I need to be doing other things while I do it. Thank heavens for instant replay! I’ve discovered this is a good time to spend icing injuries or some other busy work. I may also record the games and watch them while exercising. I work out around 30 minutes each day so during the football season, I can watch a game during the week without wasting any time doing it.

When you run errands, try to do as many as you can on one trip. If you’re self-employed, you can merge personal errands which are on the way to a business errand and have the mileage written off as a business expense.

I have been blessed to have been able to work at home for the past ten years. It is been wonderful because I dislike wasting time commuting. If you need to commute, you can use the time to listen to audio self-improvement tapes, audio books or anything educational.

If you are a frequent exerciser and are part of a gym, think about working out at home. If you lack the space and money for exercise equipment, try traditional body weight exercises. A bit exploration on the Web can show you websites devoted to this subject. Although I lifted weights for twenty years, I’ve converted to body weight exercises. I’ve discovered they feel much better and get the same, if not better, effects. Needless to say, if you head over to the gym to socialize or network, that is alright. You’re doing more than one thing at a time. You can go walking with your wife. That way you’re getting exercise and husband / wife interaction at the same time.

Setting priorities allows you to get the most important things done. Keep your eye on the big picture. Don’t allow low priority things bump off the higher priority tasks from your schedule. If you’ve only got so much time, it’s imperative you spend your time doing the things that bring you the most benefit.

“Things which matter most should never be at the mercy of things which matter least.”

– Goethe

Time is so precious. If you would like to be successful in life, you need to be spending more time being productive and doing things which are moving you forward. Spending hours each day watching TV, playing computer games, or surfing the Internet isn’t productive time usage. All of us require downtime but you have to determine just how much is really necessary. If you make use of your productive time effectively then you will have more time to relax and do the fun things.

Getting the best information on Appointment scheduling software, is no easy task nowadays.

If you are looking for more information on Appointment scheduling software, then I suggest you make your prior research so you will not end up being misinformed, or much worse, scammed.

If you want to know more about Small business scheduling software, go here: Small business scheduling software

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Six Sigma: What It’s And The Way It Works

Probably the most talked about business administration technique of this era is the Six Sigma approach, even when in reality, it had already existed way again within the 1800’s.  But what really is that this Six Sigma process, and how can it’s used to your small business’ benefit?  Simply how efficient can it’s?

Six Sigma started from a mathematic principle often known as the bell curve which includes variations.  These variation simply put, is the deviation from expectations, every motion or course of, and every exercise inherent to this so known as variation.  By knowing this, our concern is to put a restrict to it to have the ability to measure its intensity.  To explain additional, a variation is the subtle variations by means of the process.  It is mentioned to be inevitable and unavoidable.

As a enterprise management technique, Six Sigma works on these limits almost about quality production.  It aims, just as what Motorola mentioned about it: buyer satisfaction, by serving high quality merchandise and managing waste without ruining your company’s price range via it.  Six Sigma is sort of a section, six levels, of how your organization would be able to manufacture ending up with an almost 99.999% perfection.

The Six Sigma technique should then easily be understood as something your organization should adopt within the quality control or manufacturing department where it’s more applicable.  There’s a so referred to as implementation of roles involving positions for the CEOs, and belters (Black, Green and Yellows) referring to the knowledgeable Six Sigma professionals and their respective functions.

Below the Six Sigma method, there are {two} methods that can be used:

The DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Enhance, Control) and DMADV (Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Confirm).  By the which means itself, each describes a strategy on easy methods to analyze and run the production, together with how you would have the ability to manage the troubles to reach perfection.  The primary technique is most applicable for enhancing an present business, while the latter is used for or throughout creation of recent products or designs.

By following the systematic method mentioned above, trouble taking pictures will likely be rather more effective.  Conserving in thoughts thoughts like – (1) how good your product’s quality is or should be; (2) what and the place enchancment is needed; and (3) the progress effort you want and should do to attain the stated improvements.  If you’ve handled all this the appropriate method, success will surely follow.

In the end, Six Sigma is an inspiration as to how you must handle manufacturing and production.  The best way to explain it, which is able to play as a golden vision for the Six Sigma means is to be able to ship products and services with no defects seen by your customers.  Nonetheless, it by no means ends with production itself.  Defects, detrimental feedbacks, must be professionally taken care of and acknowledged by giving options for it.  The whole level is to obtain as little, else none in any respect, complaints.

As soon as that is established, the company will then rise with a greater picture and results at a a lot lesser cost.

Nigel has been writing articles on-line for almost 7 years now. Not only does this author focus on Six Sigma, you too can check out his newest website on tips on how to convert AVI to WMV with AVI to WMV converter and Avi converter.



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Creating High-Performance Leadership


Creating High-Performance Leadership

By Tony Alessandra, Ph.D.


If, as someone once said, tact is the radar of the mind, then practicing The Platinum Rule can be a valuable tune-up of your antenna.

The Platinum Rule—treating others the way they want to be treated by adapting to their personality style—can quickly make you a more sensitive, effective leader. Indeed, the Platinum Rule can have a positive effect on almost every aspect of managing. With each of the four personality types (see sidebar), there’s a different way to communicate and delegate tasks to them, compliment and correct them, and motivate and counsel them.

That’s more than we can get into in this brief article. But I do want to explain how to increase your compatibility and effectiveness with all your employees.


Where’s Your Power Come From?

First, recognize that your power to influence employees springs from two sources: “positional power” and “personal power.” Positional power is just what it sounds like–you’re the CEO, the department head, the regional sales manager, and a certain amount of power comes from being anointed by the hierarchy.

But personal power comes from earning it, from developing it. Positional power is a starting point for influencing someone but the best you will get from your employees is compliance. But it’s personal power that turns mere compliance into real commitment, cooperation, and collaboration.

Employees have gained added clout in recent decades. Court decisions combined with more enlightened theories of management have had the effect of giving more say to the rank-and-file. In fact, it’s now believed that a leader can’t really lead until he or she is genuinely accepted by the led.

Thus, personal power–in essence, your skill in dealing with people–is increasingly crucial to you and your organization.

In short, if you honor your employees’ individuality, their essential difference, they’ll feel like they’re on a winning team and will work harder, better for you. But you must empower them rather than just seeking power over them.

You can do that by learning to listen, observe, and talk to them. And then adapting so they’ll feel important, wanted. That’s The Platinum Rule put into action. Do that and you’ll see less tension and fewer conflicts and have a more effective, motivated workforce.


Leadership Development: The “Best” Leadership Style

Remember, the best leader isn’t someone with a particular behavioral style, or even some ideal blend of styles. Instead, the best leader is someone who realizes what a job or task requires–and then does it! That means working well with all of the personality styles in all sorts of situations.

In fact, as firms re-structure and put new emphasis on teamwork, leaders who understand behavioral styles will have a leg up. As situational leaders, they may wish to act in their natural style, using their intrinsic strengths. At other times, they may choose to adapt to others, using The Platinum Rule principles. Or, when they sense a serious clash of styles, they may wish to pick a third person to handle a certain situation.

Yet another option open to the manager is to change the work environment–say, realign a worker’s duties, alter deadlines, or revamp priorities–to allow employees to play to their strengths. Most managers today agree that you can’t mandate productivity.

A friend of ours, for example, employed a strong THINKER as bookkeeper/office manager. She was terrific at that job, but when the boss had to leave the office, the THINKER also had to answer the phone, and that’s where the trouble began. Complaint after complaint piled up about the bookkeeper’s brusqueness. Finally, her boss phoned in, pretending to be a customer, and was shocked how abruptly she was treated.

“I just hate it when customers call,” the bookkeeper later conceded. “They interrupt what I’m doing.” Though a good worker, she wasn’t cut out to deal with the phone. Needless to say, the boss got somebody else to answer the phone, and everybody was happier–the boss, bookkeeper, and the customers!

For any organization to run best, it probably needs all four styles. You can’t just say ‘We’re a sales organization, so we need all SOCIALIZERS. Or ‘we’re an engineering outfit, so we just need results-oriented DIRECTORS and THINKERS.” You need all four types, but you need them in the right spots.

In all cases, though, you, the manager, should be very aware of your style and how it can affect others. Being conscious of the extremes of your style will allow you to become more than just a boss but a leader. Often, supervisors who make a study of their style in the workplace also see improved relationships at home and in social settings. “Wow!” they’ll say as they see for the first time how others view them, “that’s what my spouse has been telling me all these years.”

Whatever your primary style, you can choose to make it more palatable. Here are some ways a manager performing as an effective situational leader can round off some of the sharper edges of his or her personal style:


If you’re a DIRECTOR…

Ratchet down a notch or two! Keep in mind that others have feelings and that your hard-charging, know-it-all style can make your subordinates feel inadequate and often resentful.

Accept that mistakes will occur, and try to temper justice with mercy. You might even joke about errors you make, rather than trying to always project a super-human image.

DIRECTORS can encourage growth in others in at least two ways. One, by praising them when they do something well. Secondly, by giving them some authority and then staying out of their way so they can use it. Whatever you lose in control, you’re likely to gain in commitment and improved staff competency.

Try not to be quite so bossy! Ask others’ opinions and maybe–though this is radical for a DIRECTOR–even plan some collaborative actions.


If you’re a SOCIALIZER…

Your people depend on you not just for ideas, but for coordination, too. So anything you can do to become more organized–making lists, keeping your calendar current, prioritizing goals–will pay big dividends for you and them.

Nothing’s so dispiriting as to see the boss drop the ball on important matters. So, remember: If you fail to follow-up, procrastinate on tough decisions, or make pledges you don’t keep, your employees will lose faith. Even though you don’t do those things purposely, they’ll see you as letting them down. Your charm and warmth can’t fully compensate for unreliability.

Also, come to grips with the fact that conflicts are going to occur. Try to deal with them up front, not sweep them under the rug. In addition, organize your time better and keep your socializing in balance with your tasks.


If you’re a RELATER…

You’re probably a well-liked boss. Your goal should be to become a more effective, well-liked boss.

Learn to stretch a little, taking on more, or different, duties and trying to accomplish them more quickly. You may want to be more assertive as well as more open about your thoughts and feelings. Experiment with a little risk, a little change.

Being sensitive to your employees’ feelings is one of your greatest strengths. But you must seek a middle ground between that and being knocked off balance by the first negative comment or action that comes your way.


If you’re a THINKER…

Your high standards are a two-edged sword. Your employees are inspired by your quest for excellence, but often they feel frustrated because they can never quite seem to please you.

One of the best things you can do is lessen and soften your criticism, spoken or unspoken. You can seem so stern sometimes!

Ease up on your need to control. Walk around and spend more time with the troops, chatting up people at the water cooler or in the lunchroom.

Wake up to the fact that you can have high standards without requiring perfection in each instance. That’ll take a load off your shoulders–and off your employees, too.


Whatever your style, being adaptable can help you to build bridges to your employees and make them feel valued. By learning to best respond to their interests and concerns, their strengths and weaknesses, you can get the most from your people as well as leave them more satisfied.



Adapted from THE PLATINUM RULE: Discover the Four Basic Business Personalities–and How They Can Lead You to Success, by Tony Alessandra, Ph.D., and Michael J. O’Connor, Ph.D. (Warner Books, 1996). You can reach Dr. Tony Alessandra by emailing him at TA@Alessandra.com or visiting www.PlatinumRule.com


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How To Increase Traffic With An SEO Link Building Service

Whether small or large, companies often hire the services of an Internet advertising business to cope with the market challenges. Before the creation of any one way link building campaign, experts need to perform market research and understand the target market and its specifics. For example, when you sell anti-acne treatments, you need to target a precise consumer category. The purpose of a professional Internet advertising business in the equation is to help you persuade web surfers to shop and return to your business website.

The product message is essential for advertising. Promote a product that you believe in, something that corresponds to high quality standards. How could you recommend an item that you wouldn’t use yourself? A good and effective link building campaign can help you reach heavy users provided that your product is well branded and efficient. As long as the consumer’s needs are satisfied, the product will continue to sell. Identify those needs, and you’ve found the key to successful web promotion.

By advertising you actually target a specific market segment that you expose to a well-created message. The exposure depends on the type of advertising used, the patterns included, the marketing media you rely on and several others. Thus, communication becomes the number one aspect of successful Internet advertising. Business success goes hand in hand with the marketers ability to present the product in a favorable light. The efficiency will increase, and you’ll have less challenges to face when you achieve brand awareness.

You will have a different perspective on increasing the clients database when you’ve reached such a level. Some marketers make the mistake of diminishing their efforts once they reach a certain stage of development, as they no longer consider it necessary to invest in Internet advertising. Business nevertheless grows out of continuous exposure, and you may lose money if you overlook such an issue. There is usually a stagnation if not a drop in sales when the marketer no longer focuses on Internet advertising.

Business experts actually recommend a constant monitoring of the market advertising trends so that the one way link building strategies used by companies do not become inefficient or inadequate for the market’s demands. . This demands for a great effort of re-inventing and re-creating on the part of companies. Keep a close watch on everything that happens online, and you’ll be able to make profit from both ups and downs.

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Starting a New Business And Thinking About A Website – Part 2

Have you considered which website company you want to employ to turn your business vision into reality?   If you choose the wrong website design company and they don’t build a good enough website, then you might as well just be throwing your money down the drain. In today’s cut throat business world, it’s not just getting a website built, you have to look at a far greater picture. A lot of people stupidly think that once a website is built, that is all they have to think about. In no way is this the end of the story.   To run a successful website business you have to ensure that you keep on top of everything and do your very best to outwit your competitors.   The way to succeed with this is to employ a web design company who know every trick in the book especially when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation. If you don’t have ongoing SEO on your website, they your website will fail and all the cash that you have borrowed, might just as well be flushed down the toilet.

A website is so much more than just advertising your chosen products.   A good website not only grabs your customer’s eye, but keeps them there and encourages them to navigate around the website.   After all the more they shop around your website, the more they are going to buy – the more money you are going to make and before you know it you have a very successful business on your hands.

If you should however just have a website with a couple of rubbish pictures and some unrelated text, you will find potential buyers leaving your website fairly quickly, therefore costing you a possible sale. 

Remember that technology is changing at such a rapid pace and quite simply you have to keep up with everything new and try to get one up on your competitors.

The bottom line is that if you choose your website design company wisely your website will be great and your business will be a success – it’s that simple.

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